The Babies


This year, there’re so many baby will be born. The first one and the most expected one has already born. She’s my niece, the girl of my only one brother. She’s so cute and lovely. Everyone visiting her in the hospital and saw her picture on social media all said that she’s so cute, sweet and lovely. She’s turn to 3 days old today but she’s already have so many fans. hihihihi..

She born on the 8th day of the first month in Lunar Calendar. Old Chinese People believe this day is the day of affinity, so they believe every people born on this day will be lovable. So, maybe it is the reason why the baby is so cute even though she’s crying the whole day.

Then after this baby born, there’re still some babies around me will be born. one is from my cousin who expecting baby since three years ago and this year her wish will come true. The other one is from my another cousin who really expecting a baby girl after her 2 cute lovely boys. We haven’t know the baby’s gender yet, but we wish that she will have a baby girl. The other two babies is from my best friends. The one is my childhood best friend and the other one is my collage best friend. Surprisingly  that four babies will be born in the same period, near July-August.

I will pray for them had a pleasure journey on their pregnancy and also for my niece. Wish my niece will be a lovely girl and will bring the best luck, joy, health and happiness for our families..

Thank You for this another gift. 🙂


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