Baywalk Mall

This is my 200th posts and I write it on 02.01.14.. Hm.. not so special date..

What I want to write on my 200th posts is the latest mall in Jakarta. This was my last mall in 2013 and became my 1st mall in 2014. :p So everyone can called me “Anak Mall”. hehe.. Actually this mall is not too special, it’s really like a common shopping centre in Jakarta, food, beverages, clothes, and department store. One thing that became speciality of this mall is the waterfront concept. This mall has a waterfront side, that make people able to enjoy the sea view. This mall is located near Pluit, on the Teluk Jakarta, the northest side of Jakarta. On the planning of this mall, we will be able to ride jet ski from this mall to Ancol, Pantai Mutiara, or Pantai Indah kapuk. It’s really special concept in Jakarta like Central Park Mall, mall with outdoor activity. At the first time I came out to the waterfront then I remembered my cruising experience, the view is really like we’re on the cruise.

On the almost end of December I came to this mall with my friends and we watch movie there. During the promotion period we only pay 35.000 IDR per person to watch movie there. The cinema it’s no too big but I think it’s quite comfort.

Then I came to this mall again at the first day of 2014 with my mom to met my brother and his wife there. It’s super duper crowded. So many people have a walk there and even we couldn’t find a place to sit. All the restaurant were full. It’s because on that day they have a fireworks event so everybody were waiting for that fireworks. Fortunately we found some seats on the bakery near the waterfront side. So we were able to watch the fireworks. It’s really beautiful fireworks.

I think this new mall is a new place to enjoy your leisure. You can enjoy the sea view while eating in some restaurant or coffee shop there. Maybe this mall can be a new family mall in Jakarta.

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