What a Day!

Today really really what a day!


DOn’t know the meaning is positive or negative, but my feeling is really fluctuate today.

Farewell with my lovely supervisor, though I only spent time with her only in two month, but she really taught me  much. She’s really a kind hearted woman.  It’s not good bye, but it’s just see you. We will miss u!

Another lovely thing is I met some new friends in the office, they really lovable. They made me realize that It’s been a long time I never laughed like this afternoon.

At my way back to home, I’m being trapped in the traffic jam for about one an a half hour. With a hungry stomach and a tired body. It’s really make me feel uncomfort. Miss my home so much..

And I close this day with a big question mark in my head about something from my past, something that I don’t want to pay attention anymore. But this thing is re-appearing and make me want to find the answer.

Well, this is not a good things to end this day but I’ll try to keep positive. Because It’s the only way to make your day brighter. Jia you!!


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