February Kultwit

#1 Jeruk itu meskipun menyegarkan juga bisa busuk, kalo uda busuk ya musti dibuang..

#2 Do the difficult things while they are easy and the great things while they are small -Lao Tzu-

#3 You need to face whatever it is

#4 Lain kolam, lain ikannya

#5 Everyone has their own dreams

#6 Every dreams is not real without any effort

#7 Everything has their own time

#8 Friend is a term that explain about a person who will always support each other

#9 Kalo yang lama gak dibuang, mana ada tempat buat yang baru

#10 It’s not only a festive, it’s a tradition that bind family together

#11 Learn to adapt in new situation is not an easy thing

#12 We’ll always collect the weapon to facing the next level

#13 No one say it’s easy but it’s worth the wait

#14 Makan ga makan asal ngumpul

#15 Treat people the way u want them to treat u.

#16 Sometimes it’s hard to accept that time flies and we grow older.. But one thing that make us keep fighting are our dreams and the lesson we take.

#17 Jakarta, a capital city without good public transport system!

#18 Every bad things will lead u to a better situation.. 🙂

#19 Move to trash the bad assumption

#20 “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan

#21 Menjadi anak yang berbakti itu perlu proses yang panjang

#22 I just found it that I love the sea more than any other place.

#23 A good thing to do for become a success traveller is to keep asking.

#24 Sea is the best companion in ur bad mood.

#25 Move on itu gak perlu apa-apa, yang diperlukan cuma moment-nya aja.

#26 Just tell the sea what u feel and the sea will make u feel better.

#27 Travel is feeling lucky for having a chance too see great places that some people may not have one ~ @myaharyono #Trave(love)ing

#28 All the pains worth the gain


SEmoga menginspirasi ^^


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