December’s Kultwit

Here are my list of tweets of the day during December. Wish it’ll become inspiration for all. Thanks for anyone who giving like or on FB. Enjoy! :)

#62 Dewasa dan mapan itu dua hal berbeda yang sering dihubung-hubungkan. Orang Mapan itu belum tentu dewasa dan orang dewasa itu belum tentu mapan.

#63 ur happiness and ur succes time is depend on u..

#64 When everything seems out of ur reach, just open ur heart and accepting whatever it is.

#65 Banyak omong banyak salah, banyak belajar banyak tau..

#66 What doesn’t kill u will make u stronger.. jia you!

#67 Someday u’ll find that ur comfort zone is the same as ur miracle 🙂

#68 I believe people said nothing’s perfect when I saw luxurious car in a traffic jam, a wonderful couple from broken home family, an autism child with psychologist mother, a well educated people live in a poor country, and still many more..

#69 Sometimes being left behind is not always a bad things, coz nobody know how fast he/she can move forward 🙂

#70 命中有必定有, 命中无不强求。。

#71 Who Fail to prepare is preparing to failure.

#72 Please put the process in your top list then U’ll learn a lot..

#73 Pilihan itu banyak tapi kita cukup pilih satu, as simple as that.

#74 Movie is the best way to get refresh 🙂

#75 Today’s lesson: Mas Jokowi,Ko Ahok, tlg dibuat PERDA utk ga demo di hari Jumat ya.Tanpa demo dan hujan aja jalanan hari Jumat uda menyeramkan,apalagi ditambah dua hal itu.

#76 Feel blessed that I still can inspiring other in my bad condition 🙂

#77 I Love the way life treat me to see what I need to do to make a meaningful future. I Love the way I met every person in my life and the lesson that they left on my life. That’s why I said I have a good Life 🙂

#78 Bersyukur dan merasalah cukup dengan apa yang kita miliki sekarang, dengan begitu kita akan merasa bahagia..

#79 Semua hal yang dijalani dengan hati senang akan buat hal yang berat jadi terasa ringan 🙂

#80 Sometimes you need to observe with your heart not only with eyes.

#81 You only live once, Live ur life as it will be ur last day. . 20.12.2012

#82 Sometimes Life will take u to a road that u never expected and on that road sometimes u’ll find ur future 🙂

#83 Sebanyak-banyaknya kita makan nasi, garam yang di makan sama orang tua itu masih lebih banyak daripada nasi yang kita makan.. 🙂

#84 Batu yang keras sekalipun, kalo di tetesin air terus-terusan juga bisa bolong.

#85 Life is about the balance of take and give 🙂

#86 We never know where life will bring but we do have power to create our own future, just put our best effort to make our wonderful future 🙂

#87 Sometimes what you really miss is not the person but the moment you shared together.

#88 Best friend is someone who make you feel younger whenever u spent time with them 🙂

#89 U just need to learn how to accept ur past then u will be brave to moving forward 🙂

#90 Time is what we want most but we waste most ..

#91 Really feel blessed with everyone that I met this year, They taught me much about real life 🙂

#92 Trust is the essence of everything, u need to trust yourself first then the rest will follow..


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