21.12.12 They called it the end of the World, I called it Paralyzed Jakarta

They said today is the end of Mayan Calendar, and it’d be a doomsday. Few years ago, there’s a movie called 2012, this movie is about the doomsday, what people do for preparing this event and what happen after the 21.12.2012. It’s a nice movie to watch, also a full meaning movie for me.

After that movie, people do believe that 21.12.2012 would be the doomsday, many scientist, priest and other expert use their calculation to explain that doomsday would really come on that date. Then here I am, on a minute before the calendar turn to 22.12.12. The earth still spinning and this morning we still saw the sun rises from the east and the sun sets on west in the evening. Oops, it’s raining on the evening so I didn’t see the sunset 🙂

Jakarta, Friday, Long weekend, Raining, then what kind of traffic I will face on the end of working hour? Yeah! I can said that Jakarta’s Paralyzed. So many people trapped on the traffic jam today, and I usually called it almost the end of the world. Because in this Friday Traffic jam, sometimes we didn’t know what caused the jam and what the effect? We just only can see car and motorcycle everywhere.. I really don’t like this kind of traffic. As other people face on today,  I trapped on the jam too. I stuck on the terminal waiting the bus that took more than an hour to got the bus, and after that I still need half an hour to touched down home. so it takes three and a half hours for me to get back home. It’s really insane!!

But I still feel blessed that the world didn’t end, the sun still rise form the east to west.

Happy New Mayan Calendar 🙂

Happy Makan Onde ^^

Happy Mother’s Day for Indonesian Mother 🙂

Let’s do a little thing to save our Mother Earth ^^

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