However They are.. Just wanna say Thank u My Frenz..

Another Bday with Genk Midnite..

So Fun and so unpredictable. Two of my closest friend couldn’t come to the celebration on saturday night, a lil’ upset with this news but the show must go on. So, pergilah aku dengan beberapa orang Genk Midnite yang tersisa, dan suatu hal yang benar-benar membuka pandanganku pun terjadi. They are still the same, I already put it back on the right path even it’s not the one that I want to, but I already done it. Feel happy about this.

Today, They made me so surprise for the bday gift. Bener-bener ga terduga, suatu kado yang gak pernah aku dapatkan dari teman manapun juga. Sampe speechless pas nerimanya tadi.. Lucu aja rasanya.. At that time really fell blessed to have them as my friends.. To sharing my days with them, though so many things happened between us, tough sometimes the distance makes us apart. Thanks to all for this friendship.


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