Well.. Unexpected birthday.. I don’t have any plan for this birthday, I just want to go with the flow. As usual, I wake up in the morning and found some birthday messages in my phone, and got greetings from my family. Then the first suprissing thing come. I gonna have an oral test for final exam using English. This is my first time to doing presentation in English. Oh yeah! It makes me feel stress, don’t have any idea what to speak, don’t have enough confidence with my fluency. But Finally we’ve done it. Tough during that class, I laugh a little sometime hearing my friends pronounciation with vary accent. ^^ The greatest pleasure in life is doing something that people say you can’t 🙂 Then I’m doing again..

After class, we attended the farewell party with the guest lecture from London. Have coffee and tea in Plaza Semanggi, buying him Batik shirt. Then the next surprise is coming, the waitress coming and brought me a birthday cake and all my friends sang a birthday song. Whuaaaaaa.. 好感动啊。。Then I realize, every year even I don’t plan anything for my birthday but I still have people around me who trying to please me on that special day. Although the person is not always the same, it’s different each year, but it’s happend like a routine.

Coming back home, I have a dinner with my family as usual, but my brother has a meeting till night, so he couldn’t come to the dinner. 😦 But I couldn’t ask for more, I already feel blessed with this day. Also, I feel blessed with my life recently, this one year journey is really a great Life for me. I wish to be better and better in the coming year.

Thanks to everybody for coloring my Life.. ^^


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