Learning to Write in English

It’s my first time to make a report in English. I think that it will be difficult with my less experience in it but I’ll try my best. Then, as an exercise, I’ll try to write this blog in English too.

This is my 2nd semester on my post graduate degree and I get to be used to listening in English. I got one lecture in English and a guest lecturer from overseas. I’m a little amaze that I could watch film in English without bothering the subtitle. Before, I usually listen the conversation and reading the subtitle when watching film in English. But It’s really different with lecture in English, sometimes I can understand what the lecturer said but I can’t got the meaning about what he said. Hooooo.. still need a long way to get go. Then I feel that my listening skill is improved but still need much more learning and practice to make it perfect, and I promise to myself that I will make an effort to improve it.


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