Welcoming April

Welcome April..

Spring atmosphere..

It’s turn to April now. A new month with a new hope.. I wanna start a new month with a new me. I wanna leave all that negative side of me and became a better person. After that fantastic last three months, I realized that I need to CHANGE. I must be brave enough to face this wicked world. This world is not filled with the Angels 100%. It’s still has the dark side beside the white. We can still felt hot in the mountain. We need to be wiser to be understand what its really means. I still need to learn and learn to understand this.

I will finishing my Silver year less than a month and during my silver year, I experienced so many thing that keep me learn and learn to understand. And people said that it’s a quarter life’s crisis. I want to finish it nicely, I want to show the world that this crisis really greeted me well at the first and I keep faced it with all my best. Now, It’s time to contemplate how to leave this crisis, how to ending this crisis. And I choose to ending this crisis well.

Many people said that Life is a matter of choice, your life is how you choose it.  Then, I believe that I will choose what best for me. ^o^

Happy welcoming April..


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