International Language

This was my experience to be a part of International Trading Company. Though my last company also a International Manufacturing Company, but I didn’t get involve with the international thingy. So, I didn’t need to use English or others foreign language for conversation. I just need written English.

This blog is created because I wanna share that Language needs practice. As an example, we’ve learned English from Primary School even untill we are in the university, it’s not grant that we can speak English fluently. I experienced this in my office last week. I got three phones from foreigner in three different days.

On the first days I got telephone from maybe Singaporean or Chinesse. She spoke English and I could answer confidently when she asked me “who’s speaking?”. After that short fluent greeting, she began to said the main topic then I kept quiet trying to listen her but it made her wonder whether I’m still on the phone or not. After that she said “Hallo” then I said “ok” and its happened for several times till she told me that she would call us back after my boss available to answer the phone. Ok! I’m save then..  But it really make me shocked, I really had a bad English, huh?

The Second days, I got phone from Shang Hai, I knew her and I also knew that she can speak both English and chinese fluently. I feel more relax to speak with her because I often make conversation with her by e-mail. This time is better than the last time, I could speak some sentences with her, and fortunately she understood what I said, so did I. Even I must spoke in mixed Chinese and English. he3..

The next days, which is much better than the previous days, I got phone from Taiwan. I prefered to use Chinese than English, though I told her that I only speaks a little Chinese. But at that time I get difficulty to spoke English fluently. It’s so strange that everything that appeared in my brain in English, I said it in Chinese.

For the rest of my school years, I got a good score in English subject, at that time I could help my friend who got difficulty in grammar. Then, on my lasts semester in my university I became subtitute English course teacher sometimes. And I still can’t speaks English fluently. So let us say “Practice makes perfect”

Then why I prefer Chinese than English? I also don’t know the main reason. But as I remembered, after I got back from Beijing I have so many experiences to speak with foreigner in English or in Chinese.  At that time I mostly used Chinese in my conversations, only a few of the who can speak English fluently.  This is the diference, though my Chinese not good enough, but I had experience to use it as my main language. How about my English? Maybe I have a lot of English vocabularies on my mind but I seldom to use it and it just a second language for me so I can’t use it fluently.

Thanks my parents to giving me chance for study aboard, thanks to my surrounding to support my languages improvement.

” You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. “

Maybe it’s one of my connecting dots. Then, from this experience I promise to practice more because practice make us perfect.. jia you!! ^o^

2 thoughts on “International Language

  1. 我跟你有一样的经历。。 我刚刚到厦门的时候,我跟别的人一直说英语,因为我的汉语水平还很差。。
    但是现在我感觉我越学汉语,我的英语水平约降低。要跟朋友讲英语, 有时候居然一句话也说不出来。。

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