People change..

Another blog from friendster..

It’s been a long way to know them..

It’s been a short story to get in them..

I’m enjoying diz when everything changes..

I’m enjoying diz when I realize dat we can’t be together..

It’s just like a morning dew, immediately disappear..

People change very fast, the situation doesn’t like the first time..

There’re happiness, love, hate, angriness, refenge dat I don’t know where it come from..

And now.. I only can stay here watching all people surrounding change their mind, change their heart, change their colour..

And I hope I really can stay  here watching.. ^^

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One Response to “People change..”

  1.    zsa Says:
    February 14th, 2009 at 11:14 pmthose things u called “mind, heart, and colour” are just some mask or maybe clothes, which is they use to cover their self.. :p at least not “they”, but “me” hahaha.. xp

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