Why Psychologists?

I wrote it in the end of my school year in Psychology  on Friday, March 13th, 2009 at 9:13 am.


I’ve been accompanied my aunt on the hospital for this several days. Met so many person there, and met so many new experience. There were some things dat I thought so interesting.

The first was the gate security before we entering the patient rooms, who always asking where do we go? or for what do we want to do? Sometimes these question were very annoying, he kept asking eventhough I just through dat gate to buy something in front of the hospital. GRRR!!! I know dat he asking because of his responsibility, his job desk but it’s still annoying me..

The second was the doctor, the doctor dat everyone said she’s pretty, she’s beautiful but for me, she so weird.. she didn’t want to stay for a while and listened our question but the patient condition, she just asking the patient and make sure dat our auntie really got dementia or something bothering her brain with very lack of explaination. I don’t know why she did this, coz she haven’t explain us. dis phenomena made me remember my family experience with the same hospital for about last year. The other doctor, the same hospital, and different disease. It’s my father experience, being surgeried there for his CVA. The doctor explained all of related things bout the disease, the cause, the effect of the surgery, next treatment after the surgery and he always answering our questions. so different..

The third was the importance of a psychologist.. Not every disease can be explained with the scan result, blood test result, MRI, etc.. there some condition is out of reach. we need other opinion bout the disease. Stress can causing illness.. Every doctor must remember that.. Maybe cause of their education, their high education, they forgot dat the brain is also controlling our emotion, beside the motorik.

The fourth was the inpatient’s registration booth. Everynight I saw dat so many people queuing there. I don’t know what makes them being there queued. that line can be indicated as Jakarta health condition. So many ill people want to get medication on that hospital. hm.. life’s full of suffering.. datz why we trying to free ourselves from it.

Those were my a week experience in hospital.. An experience dat inspired me new things in life..


Yessica Says:
March 13th, 2009 at 6:19 pm e

wakss.. tu dokter muka doang cakep, otak setengah2.. RS mana wi?


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