Save The Tree..

This morning I argued with my mom about using waste paper for printing some designs for my brother’s client. She said that printing for client on a waste paper can be interpreted that we don’t respect him/her. That moment my brother wasn’t at home. Before he left home, he asked me to send his design to his client next to our house. Then, my mother saw the paper and asked me to print it again. And I said that I didn’t know where he put the file, so I couldn’t reprint it. As a former bank officer, she told me so many things about correspondence ethic as a professional. Only some people don’t mind accepting waste paper and envelopes.

My mom said my brother’s client might think like this, “masa proyek untuk proyek kaya gini u ga rela print pake kertas baru sih?” It’s not about the price of the paper; I said to my mom, it’s about the dying earth. For this last 3 years, I began to reuse the paper for printing some assignment from school. I also began to collect waste paper. Some of my lecturers said that they didn’t mind if we used waste paper for the assignment. These things remind me about the mission to help our environment. As we know, they produce paper from the wood. To get the wood, they should “disturb” the forest. Today, 90% of paper pulp is made of wood. This fact encourages some people to start reducing the use of paper. It makes me concern about this issue because I think the forests in this world have begun to decrease year by year. It’s known that forests are very useful to reduce the amount of carbon in this earth, so we must save the tree for any mistreating.

Beside to save the tree, we should save the environment too. It might be works to reduce the global warming. It’s really an important issue now. everyone talks about this, but only some really concern to reduce it.

Here are some things that I recently do to save the tree, save the environment:

1. Reuse the blank side of the paper to print some.

2. use things that can be recycled.

3. Don’t accept the plastic shopping bag if I don’t really need that. such as if I wait someone pick me up on Wendy’s, I usually buy some food. usually I don’t accept that plastic bag. or If I buy mineral water and I bring my own bag.

4. Save energy. Plug off any unuse electronic equipments.

5. Use the public transport in some condition.

6. Walk, If I want to go to a near place.

7. Reduce to use styrofoam..

I think, there’re still so many way to help our mother earth. Let’s save the tree, let’s save the environment.. Let’s Go Green!! ^^


One thought on “Save The Tree..

  1. Setuju!!! Let’s go green!! ^^
    Kalo ga kita yang mulai, sapa lagi?? 🙂
    Mungkin perlu diterangin & dicontohkan pada bbrp org… mengingat dampak pemanasan global yang semakin “kejam”…. Masa es di kutub dah tinggal secuil aja?? -.- sedih bangeeeett buat beruang2 kitaaa….

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