Keliling Jakarta Season 1

It’s been a long time I didn’t go for an outdoor trip with them though I really deserve it for this last one year. I couldn’t go with them this last several times they went to somewhere for a refreshing. Yesterday, we met again, we gathered again, we share a lot of things searching for a solutions for our community. What a great friendship to be like this. And this is the story..

Yesterday, I began my day preparing meal for my family, then my friends told me they already arrived at Monas. So Surprise dat they didn’t notice me to be ready. After that notification, I got in a rush to preparing myself for went to Monas. It’s my first time to visitting Monas, though Jakarta is my home town. What a silly thing. I went there alone, kind an adventure. It’s really make me excited though I have to looking for the main gate and it was so confusing. After I found that gate, finally I found my friends waiting for me on the ground level of the Monas. Then we go to the top by an elevator to see Jakarta’s view from above. I was so surprise when we arrived at the top. It’s really like in Shanghai, It’s make me remembered that Shanghai trip. ^^ But there’s one thing different, we thinked that Jakarta is a very polluted city, we can’t see anything because of the smog (smoke and fog). Argh!!

The next destination was my neighbourhood. We went there to looking something for eat. Unfortunately, the place that we wanted to eat was closed, so we find the other place to eat. It’s cross to my high school, a noddle kiosk, an old building and we was so surprise to saw the interior of that place, so chinese, so ancient, so antique.. some of my friends was so strange with this situation but it kind a common thing for me so I didn’t feel as surprise as them. After that we went to the other place to eat, It’s Nasi campur kiosk. Some of us took their second round and they feel so surprise to heard the price of their order. Then we continued our journey with the full stomach. Ho3…

Unfortunately one of the museum that we wanted to visit was closed. So, we continue to Taman Fatahillah, met some of our friends who had arrived earlier. Then we entered Museum Fatahillah, take some photograph and arranged our next destination. Finally we decided to met my friends who working at Emporium.. Hihihi.. We ending diz journey at mall..(dasar anak Jakarta, ga bs lepas dari yang namanya mall ^^) It’s so nice to gathered like this, we talked so many things, we updated our life each other and we welcoming our new member. Days move so fast. I already passed this last 4 years with them, with so complicated feelings. And know, I have to leave them and entering my new life phase, I wish they will still remember what the people before them already done and not to make it worst.

What a nice day, what a nice trip, and I hope it gonna be a nice start for them. Still waiting for the next season, guyz! Notice me, ok!


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